We spent the summer of 2016 touring Iceland. Now we're writing a guidebook to tell you exactly what you want to know:

How to take the whole family abroad and survive the process unscathed.



Live From Iceland!

Friday, July 22 update: Hiking Helgafell

We headed out to Hafnarfjörður to do some hiking today. Our destination was Helgafell mountain. “With an accessible and easy trail, walking on Helgafell is popular for all levels of hikers, including young children.”

The parking area is located here (Google Maps link); it’s about a half hour drive from the harbor area of downtown Reykjavik; it could be much less if you are already outside of town. You’re in the right place if you see this sign at the end of the parking area:

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Live From Iceland!

Saturday, May 28 update

I had hoped that the boat tour to Papey Island would be running today, but I was  a few days early, as they will start on June 1st. Instead, we spent the day exploring Djúpivogur. There are two different “handcraft” artists in town, and both are men with interesting stories and crafts. First we went to JFS handcraft:

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Live From Iceland!

Tuesday, May 24 Update

Today was a travel day, as we drove from Vik to Höfn. But we still had time to squeeze in a few stops. First was Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon. There, I managed to hike up the hill only to realize that I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera. Fortunately, my cell phone did an admirable job:

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