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Saturday, June 4 update

Reindeer were brought to east Iceland from Norway in the 1780s. Some were placed in other areas of Iceland, but only the herds in the east survived.

Today, we went on a reindeer safari. Of course, when you’re in a superjeep, a river crossing is mandatory:

water crossing (1 of 1)

We spent a fair bit of time walking quietly to sneak closer and closer to a group of 4 male reindeer, though we ended up getting closer to them down the road in the jeep:

reindeer (1 of 1)

Their antlers fall off every year; right now, they have “felt” on the outside, which means they are both still growing, and also would feel soft and fuzzy!

In the afternoon, we hiked to Fardagafoss. Foss means waterfall, so of course this is yet another hike to a waterfall.

fardagafoss base (1 of 1)

This wasn’t on our list of things to do, but there are so many incredible waterfalls in Iceland that you simply can’t get to them all. We’ve already skipped a couple of “must do” waterfalls, which I think is just fine. Again, you can’t see them all!

Another thing we learned is to not trust breezy Icelandic signs. Let’s zoom in:

fargadafos sign (1 of 1)

The first part is accurate enough, though the trail does go very close to the cliff’s edge in places. Still, it took us about 25 minutes. But the part that is “a bit more adventurous” should be changed to “there’s a chain that’s anchored to the rock cliff, though one of the anchors is broken. Oh, and if you let go of the chain, you’ll probably die.” We quickly turned around, but this guy made it through:

fardagafoss chain (1 of 1)

Note the chain. Even without that part, we got to write our names in the guestbook, and have a nice hike overall. I think this waterfall compares well to other better-known waterfalls in Iceland:

fargadafos falls (1 of 1)

It’s been very warm here in the east- warmer than anywhere else in Iceland. It’s been over 70 degrees the last 3 days, I think! Tomorrow is our last day out here, before we continue our journey to the North.

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