Live From Iceland!

Saturday, May 28 update

I had hoped that the boat tour to Papey Island would be running today, but I was  a few days early, as they will start on June 1st. Instead, we spent the day exploring Djúpivogur. There are two different “handcraft” artists in town, and both are men with interesting stories and crafts. First we went to JFS handcraft:

IMGP1512 IMGP1513

where the kids explored items made of wood, reindeer horn, bone, and lots of other local Icelandic materials.

Next, it was Bones, Sticks, and Stones, where, in addition to the crafts, the highlight was the dog. We even got to see an impromptu “show” of the dog’s impressive abilities.

IMGP1487 IMGP1506 IMGP1507

Next, we all headed to Teigarhorn, a protected national monument area. So, don’t take any of the zeolite!


There is a museum there, which was (inexplicably) closed when we visited, but the hiking trails were still a hit.

Later in the day, I hiked to see the lighthouse:


Tomorrow, we will continue our journey north along the east coast!

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