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Sunday, June 19 update


Today was really fun. First we walked around town, and got swooped by a bunch of birds. After we got back to the house, we went on a hike to a town that was 45 minutes away walking.

hike sweeping

[This is the hike from Hellnar to Arnarstapi in the Snæfellsnes peninsula.]

Once we got to the town, we went to the restaurant that was just at the end of the path. Right next to the restaurant, there was a beach with a bunch of caves. We played in the caves for a while, then some of us walked back and the rest of us drove back. Later, we drove to a black pebble beach that had really tall waves and the wreckage of a ship that had crashed there.

bleck pebble beach ship parts bleck pebble beach ocean sweeping bleck pebble beach close up

Once we left the beach, we drove to a cave touring place [Vatnshellir Cave]. We went into a lava cave that had formed there.

lava cave spiral stairs

Inside the cave was really cool. It had all sorts of colored rock formations.

lava cave cool formations

lava cave troll

A while into the cave, our guide told us to turn off our flashlights. Once we did, it was so dark that you couldn’t see anything, and no matter how long we stood there, our eyes didn’t adjust, because there was no light in the cave. Once we turned the lights back on, we walked back to the entrance and drove home.

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