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Thursday, June 16 update


Today was a really fun day. In the morning, we didn’t really do much. Just before lunch though, we left for a day camp at a sheep museum.

The day camp was four hours long. We first went down to the beach and found a lot of shells and bones. A little while down the beach, we walked to an island that we could only get to when the tide was low. On the island, there were a lot of Eider duck nests. Eider duck nests are made out of down that is really soft. After that, we walked to a line of bird nests, and most of them had eggs in them. A little while later, we found a baby duck that’s mom had just left, so we got to see it up close without the baby’s mom trying to get us away from the baby. After we left the baby duck, we went into an old building and the person who was leading us told us a ghost story. After she finished the ghost story, we walked back and had hot dogs. After we finished eating, we started playing games outside. A little while later, it started raining so we had to go inside. We played a few more games, and then we went out and fed two lambs with bottles of warm milk.

lamb bottle wider

After we fed the lambs, we drove back to our apartment. Once we got back, we took a cold pot of vegetables and put it in a hot spring to warm it up.

vegetables geothermal

Once they were warmed up, we ate them. This is our last night in this apartment.

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