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Saturday, June 11 update


Today was an exciting day. First, we left our house in Siglufjörður, and drove for one and a half hours. (So exciting!) We then stopped at a horse riding place [Hestasport in the town of Varmahlíð in North Iceland]. Our dad stayed in the car to watch the baby, so everyone else rode.


It was fun, but my horse decided not to listen to me very much. After we rode, we had lunch and continued on the road for about fifteen minutes, and then we arrived at our next destination, a white water rafting place [Viking Rafting, also in Varmahlíð]. This time, our mom didn’t go. We put on dry suits, gloves that looked like crab claws, and little rubber shoes. After we had all of our clothes on, we drove in a bus down to the river. Once we got to the river, our guide talked to us about safety. Once he was done, we all got onto the boat and paddled away.rafting from afar

A while down the river, there was a high rock that we were given the opportunity to jump off of.

daddy jumping

After that, we continued to raft. We were also given the opportunity to swim in the river while holding on to the boat. After the people came back onto the boat, we rafted normally until we got to the end of the trip. We drove for another 30 minutes and got to our new house.

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