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Friday, June 10th update

We started the day in Siglufjörður, the northernmost town in Iceland. The main draw here is the Herring Era Museum. This is an impressive place– 3 huge buildings housing ships, tools, and information about herring fishing and processing in this area.

herring 2

Apparently, herring migrate in a rather unpredictable fashion, and they left north Iceland in the 1960s, taking the herring industry with them.

herring 1

In the afternoon, some of us headed to the Folk Music Museum in town, where they got to play an Icelandic fiðla, a two stringed instrument.

Others headed to Dalvik for another whale watching tour. Given how much we liked our trip in Húsavík, we decided to try again.

boat and harbor

On the way out to search for whales, we had a nice view of Hrísey island, the second largest island in Iceland, behind Heimaey on the Westman Islands.

hrisey island

This trip was also a success, as we saw several humpback whales:

humpack back

We learned in Húsavík that you typically see the fluke when the whale is going down for a deep dive, which can last several minutes:


But, the whale watching was nothing like Húsavík- there, our boat was surrounded by whales, and there were so many that was no sense of urgency to see any one whale. We enjoyed this trip, but it made us appreciate the first one even more.

The trip from Dalvik did offer fishing toward the end:

all fishing

And we got to try from freshly caught Icelandic cod once we got back to shore. (Those are the bait in the picture, not the fish.)

The fish were processed on board, and the parts we weren’t going to eat were thrown back in the ocean. This attracted a fair number of birds, and so we also had a few minutes of bird-watching:


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