Live From Iceland!

Friday May 20 Update

Petting a tame puffin!

We are getting into the swing of the trip now—so we will start updating you about our adventures on the blog in (semi-)real time.

Today we traveled to the Westmann Islands by ferry.

Ferry to Westmann Islands

(And before that we stopped to gawk at a waterfall.) 


We are staying in a house that is about three houses away from where the lava (from Eldfell the volcano) stopped in 1973!  We spent the (still sunny) evening hiking around the lava field, with the grown-ups following the main path and the children following the smaller ones that periodically meet up with the main one.  There were a lot of steps up to the lava field.  I can’t imagine having a wave of lava like that bearing down on my town!

Hiking at Eldfell volcano 2 Hiking at Eldfell volcano

Before hiking we also went to the local aquarium/natural history museum, where they have a tame puffin that the kids got to pet!

Petting a tame puffin!

Just to bring you up to date, on previous days we’ve visited lighthouses, the shore, Kerið crater, hiked, watched horse shows, learned about more about gas cards, phone cards, and the Icelandic language, and eaten lots of new foods. We’ll post pictures of those adventures eventually, too, as we get caught up.

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