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Friday, June 3 update


Today we drove around Lagarfljót


(a lake) and tried to find Lagarfljótsormur, which is a giant wyrm that supposedly lives in the lake.

There have been many people claiming to have seen it. In 1983, a company was measuring how much telephone cable they would need. Here is a quote from them: “This cable that was specially engineered so it wouldn’t kink was wound in several places and badly torn and damaged in 22 different places . . . . I believe we dragged the cable directly over the belly of the beast. Unless it was through its mouth.”  (Wikipedia)

At the far end of the lake, we went to Snæfellsstofa, which is a visitor center for the Vatnajokulsthjodgardur national park.


After we were finished at the visitor center, we went to a museum and cafe just across the street from it and ate lunch. After we ate lunch, we looked around at the museum


for a while. After we were done in the museum, we found out that just outside of the museum was the ruins of an old abbey and a small labyrinth.

IMGP1926 IMGP1930

After we had explored both, we left for a “Wilderness center” which was another museum.


After that, we started to drive back home. On the way there, we stopped at the restaurant where we ate lunch, and found out that there was a cake buffet there. So we went to the cake buffet for a while and ate lots of cake.


After we finished eating cake, we drove back home.

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