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Wednesday, June 1 update


Sorry for no Live from Iceland post yesterday; after all of the busy days last week we decided to take a day to relax.

Today we first went to the East Iceland Heritage Museum, which had a really cool exhibit about reindeer.IMGP1818

The other exhibit in the museum was about an old historical turf house.


After the museum, we went to a buffet place for lunch, which is very different than all of the buffets I’ve been to in the US, because they only had four entrees and a salad bar, and it was six feet long up against a wall. rather than a whole bunch of entrees and other things, but even though the restaurant was small, it was very good.

A while after we got back, we saw an airplane taking off. (This is from one of the windows in the house that we are staying in.)


The house that we are staying in right now is a horse farm, so we get to see lots of horses from our house.

horse (1 of 1)

IMG_20160531_102706009 (2)

There is also a house in the woods near the house that we  can walk to.


We are staying at this house for one week.

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