We spent the summer of 2016 touring Iceland. Now we're writing a guidebook to tell you exactly what you want to know:

How to take the whole family abroad and survive the process unscathed.



Things to Do

Whale Watching in Iceland– Tips and Tricks for Families

We spent nearly 3 months in Iceland; when I ask the kids what their favorite thing was, the answer is immediate. “Whale watching!” Well, that’s the answer from some of them; some of them didn’t go. They were too worried about getting seasick on the 4 hour ride. But the rest of us tried 3 different trips; here are the tips and tricks we have learned. Knowing what I know now, I think everyone in our family could have enjoyed whale watching!

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Live From Iceland!

Daily update: Keflavik Fire Museum, Settlement Zoo, Kópavogur museums

During our last couple of days in Iceland, we went to a couple of lesser-known museums between Reykjavik and the Keflavik airport. Let’s start with the Fire Museum in Keflavik. When you’re driving to or from the airport, you may see a fire truck mounted on a sign way up in the air. It’s on your left driving from the airport. I didn’t get a picture of it from that side, but that’s the back of the Icelandic Firefighter’s Museum. This is all you’ll see at the main entrance:

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Live From Iceland!

Thursday, August 4 update: Þúfa sculpture, Seltjarnarnes: Grótta lighthouse, Nesstofa Pharmacy Museum

We spent some time today (and yesterday) visiting some less popular attractions in and around Reykjavik. The first is one that I’ve seen from a boat in the Reykjavik Harbor, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was:

Þúfa sculpture from boat

Turns out it’s a climbable sculpture called Þúfa (or, I guess, Thufa.) You can see the spiraling pathway you walk around to climb to the top of the mound. Read more

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Friday, July 29 update: Reykjavik Art Museums, National Gallery of Iceland, Volcano Show, Hljómskálagarður park

Today was a day to hit some lesser-known museums in Reykjavik. In particular, these are museums that you might have free admission to, if you bought tickets to other more popular museums.

First, the final museum in the Reykjavik Art Museum. For 1500 krona for adults (and free for kids!), you get admission to 3 museums, as long as you go on the same day. The most well-known of these by far is the one in the downtown harbor area, Hafnarhús:

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Live From Iceland!

Tour experience: Reykjavik Viking Adventure

One morning in July, we headed to the old harbor in Reykjavik to ride on a replica viking ship with Reykjavik Viking Adventure. “Replica viking ship” can mean a lot of things; maybe a boat that looks vaguely viking-like?

But in this case, we’re talking about a painstakingly built replica of a real viking boat originally built in the 890s. The original boat, called Gokstad, was found almost exactly 1,000 years later, well preserved in frozen ground in Norway. The replica was built in the Westfjords of Iceland, and sailed down to Reykjavik. Meet Vésteinn:

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Live From Iceland!

Wednesday, July 27 Update Part 2: Sea Angling with Special Tours

We have loved our whale watching trips out of both Húsavík and Reykjavik. But I recently discovered that Special Tours does something that I haven’t seen anywhere else: they meticulously document every single whale watching trip they take. How many whales did they see? How was the weather? It’s really quite impressive.

Having had our fill of whale watching trips, we decided to try something a little bit different: Sea Angling with Special Tours.

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