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Friday, June 17 update

Lots of travel these days as we make our way out of the Westfjords and down toward Reykjavik. We stayed close to Eiríksstaðir, a museum housed on the site of the longhouse home of Erik the Red and Leif the lucky. And so we had some time to visit there.

erik house outside

I’m not sure it makes sense to call this a museum. It’s more of a … live performance? in a turf house. And the house is a replica of the house that used to be here a thousand years ago, or at least an educated guess.

erik house fire

A “viking” tells stories and teaches you the history of this family around a fire inside the house. It was a slow day, and so we had the house to ourselves for about half an hour. Once the door is closed, it definitely feels like a different world.

viking helmet

At the end, there was time to try on some Viking helmets, and try out some swords and shields. This is a little more expensive than other museums in Iceland– it’s $10 for anyone over 12. (And, like almost all museums here, free for younger kids.) But it’s also unique.

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