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Wednesday, June 15 update

After a relaxing morning, we headed to take a factory tour of Saltverk. Founded 5 years ago, Saltverk has revived a 17th century process to extract salt from the ocean using geothermal energy. This process results in a “flaky” salt. When we got there, we weren’t sure we’d really found it:

saltverk sign

But soon enough, we were looking at vats of ocean water that were being evaporated to higher and higher salt concentrations.

saltverk salt tank

Ocean water starts off around 2-3% salt. Once it gets to be around 10 times more concentrated than that, you can harvest it:

saltverk harvesting

That salt is then dried:

saltverk drying

And then it can be flavored, packaged, and sold:

saltverk store

This was a true factory tour, where you are seeing the actual production process. It involves climbing ladders to see evaporation rooms that are something like 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and wearing shoe covers and hair nets once you get to the final product. Very cool experience.

In the evening, we continued the geothermal energy theme by heading to the thermal pool at the Reykjanes Hotel. Apparently this is Iceland’s longest swimming pool and also the country’s largest hot pot.

reykjanes hot pool

The temperature varies depending where you are, and so most people can find a spot that is a temperature of their liking. It was very relaxing, and, unlike some other natural geothermal pools, not slimy at all!

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