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Monday, June 13 update

We spent the previous night in a small area called Laugar in Saelingsdal, and it turns out our accommodations were right next to a natural hot pot:

laugar hot pot Guðrúnarlaug gudrunarlaug

The hot pot is named Guðrúnarlaug, named after a Viking Guðrún who lived here a thousand years ago and bathed in these waters. It’s a little slimy, but free! If you can find it.

As we headed up into the Westfjords, we stopped at the Icelandic Sheep Farming Museum.

sheem museum display

They have a lot of nice information about the Icelandic sheep; the displays are all in Icelandic, but they have English versions in binders that you can carry around. The main draw may be the opportunity to bottle feed a little baby lamb; the lambs weren’t at the museum yet when we were there, as it was a little early in the year; you may want to check  with the museum before heading over.

sheem museum wooden sheep

Next we headed to the Icelandic Museum of Witchcraft and Sorcery. This was a fairly small exhibit, detailing the history of magic and spells in Iceland. The kids very much enjoyed it; again, there was an English version of the exhibit information you could carry around.

witchcraft museum exhibits better

witchcraft museum sorcerer guy

Then we headed up to Súðavík for the night, which boasts an amazing playground called Raggagarður:

playground better

That’s a zipline on the left, plus several different playgrounds. And it’s all free, so it’s a great stop on a road without all that many places to stop.

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