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Wednesday, June 8th Update Part 1

Today’s update is in two parts, since we split into two groups. I was part of the group which stayed in Akureyri all day. Here are some highlights!

After lunch, we left home to walk around town. The first place we went was the Akureyri Art Museum, or the Listasafnið á Akureyri. It had an exhibit on architecture in Akureyri, including information about a few buildings which we saw later that day! In a few days, there’ll be a new exhibit.

Then we walked around downtown. We went into stores and met some trolls!



We also went into various art galleries. After a short stop at home to fuel up the baby, we went to the botanical gardens, where we saw lots of cool plants and one of the buildings we’d learned about in the museum!


Stay tuned for Part 2!

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