Live From Iceland!

Tuesday, June 7 update

We spent today in and around Akureyri, the largest town in Iceland that isn’t either named Reykjavik, or is close to Reykjavik. Our main stop was the Icelandic Aviation Museum, which proudly portrays the history of aviation in Iceland, and displays a lot of historical airplanes:

yellow plane

It’s a big place; did I mention there are a lot of planes?


This afternoon we spent some time walking around Akureyri, which has a nice little downtown area by the harbor:


And then (of course) we headed to the swimming pools. In addition to the waterslides, hot tubs, steam rooms, and lap pools (two! one warm, and one not quite as warm) there was also miniature golf and a large chess board. None of that seemed to be up and running just yet.

Tomorrow we head to Husavik for whale watching and more.

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