We spent the summer of 2016 touring Iceland. Now we're writing a guidebook to tell you exactly what you want to know:

How to take the whole family abroad and survive the process unscathed.

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Things to Do

Using a GPS in Iceland

Icelanders have been having fun recently laughing at tourists who are misled by their GPS devices. One guy drove 5 hours up to Siglufjörður instead of 45 minutes to Reykjavik. (We are happy to hear that while he was there, he visited the excellent Herring Era MuseumWe really liked it too!)

Last month, a tourist was invited to a family BBQ when their GPS led them astray. And then there was the time … well, let’s just let I Heart Reykjavik tell it.

We relied on Google Maps almost exclusively for our journeys around Iceland. We have gotten slightly lost, but nowhere near enough to become famous. Here are some of our experiences and recommendations. Read more

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Things to Do

Rescuing Pufflings on the Westman Islands

I think this is one of the greatest things in Iceland. Let’s start with a quick description of puffins. Atlantic Puffins are seabirds found around Iceland, Greenland, and several other areas in the North Atlantic.


Most of the year, they live out on the ocean, diving for food; you can recognize them by their rapidly flapping wings. Read more

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Things to Do

Whale Watching in Iceland– Tips and Tricks for Families

We spent nearly 3 months in Iceland; when I ask the kids what their favorite thing was, the answer is immediate. “Whale watching!” Well, that’s the answer from some of them; some of them didn’t go. They were too worried about getting seasick on the 4 hour ride. But the rest of us tried 3 different trips; here are the tips and tricks we have learned. Knowing what I know now, I think everyone in our family could have enjoyed whale watching!

north sailing boat world better Read more

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Things to Do

The Blue Lagoon- visiting with kids

The Blue Lagoon was one of the last places we visited in Iceland. By that time, we’d already been to many pools and spas all over the country. And the Blue Lagoon is much more expensive than any other pool or spa in Iceland. So let’s just say that the bar was set pretty high for me to recommend it.

blue lagoon sign

I was just about ready to write off the Blue Lagoon entirely when we got to the front entrance. Or, rather, didn’t get to the front entrance. Read more

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Why Iceland

Why Iceland is the Best Starter Destination for Families

What makes a destination family-friendly? And what makes a destination easy for first-time international travelers? A short list of factors we think are important shows Iceland as a clear winner. Our ideal starter destination would be: safe, easy to get to, English-speaking, and easy to navigate. It would also have a kid-friendly culture and lots of cool stuff to see (and, more importantly, do). How does Iceland stack up in those categories? We will mostly compare to travelling to the UK, as that is another frequently suggested starter trip. Read more

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Our car rental recommendation in Iceland: Blue Car Rental

[Update August 2017: We’ve partnered with Blue to provide our readers a 5% discount on their rental. Read below to see why we recommend you rent from Blue. Then see the discount details here: Blue Car Rental discount.]

I don’t know how many car rental companies there are in Iceland– 100? It’s tough to tell, since some of them are just agents and don’t have their own fleet of vehicles. Choosing one is really hard; there are a lot of horror stories out there.

After dozens of hours of research, we decided to rent from Blue Car Rental. Now, there are other companies out there that will most likely provide you with a positive experience. But here are the reasons we have been impressed with Blue (and some minor quibbles); you can use this to judge them against other options. Read more

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Things to Do

Swimming with kids in Iceland: Navigating the locker room

The public pools in Iceland are beautiful and warm and a great place to take your little ones any time of year.  (Swimming outside with snow in your hair is a really cool experience!)  It is well worth the effort of getting everyone ready for the pool.  BUT yes, what you’ve heard is true–you are expected to shower naked (soap, shampoo, and all) before entering the pool.  No, you can’t skip that part.  No, your kids can’t skip that part, even if they don’t want to be naked in front of strangers.  What you need to know, then, is how it all works; that’s what we’ll tell you in this post.

With my kids, at least, part of making a new and anxiety-inducing situation more comfortable is talking through it step by step beforehand so that they know exactly what to expect.  Kids who feel like experts and who are telling you what happens next are not kids who are worrying!  So in this post, we will try to give you the info you need to let them become experts.  All the pictures here are from public pools, not the fancier spas, so they won’t be showing the upscale end of things! Read more

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Sick in Iceland? How to find the medicine you need

One thing parents worry about on vacation is the prospect of sick children, and worse, sick children in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. Fortunately, we have not had to deal with any doctors’ visits yet here in Iceland. We have, however, had to buy medicine at a pharmacy. (Look for the big sign saying “Apotek.”)

pharmacy sign

The first thing you need to know is that you are not going to find a 24-hour pharmacy. Like grocery stores, pharmacies in Iceland have very limited hours. Read more

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Things to Do

Food in Iceland – Iceland with Kids

So airfare to Iceland can be surprisingly cheap. Lodging can be very reasonable, especially if you’re willing to use Airbnb. But everything else is really expensive. Hopefully, you won’t need to buy clothes while you’re here, or a camera. But you will need to buy food.

As a very general rule of thumb, expect to pay about twice as much for food as you would at home. But there are some exceptions to this rule, so let’s take a look.

Quick service food in Iceland – no special kid’s menu

Read more

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Tips on Packing with Kids

So your trip is all planned, your hotels reserved, your itinerary all settled, but now you have to pack.  And if you are traveling with children, you’re not just talking about one backpack.  There are two concerns here:  First, you’d like the packing process to be as simple and streamlined as possible.  Second, you’d like to actually be able to make it through the airport without being crushed under a pile of luggage.  Note that this advice is not specific to Iceland travel–I’m not telling you what to bring–that will be a future post, once we’ve seen what we have and haven’t used from our packing lists. Read more

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