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Blue Car Rental Discount Details

We’ve been recommending Blue Car Rental to readers of the web site for close to a year. (Here’s the post recommending Blue.) We used them during our Iceland trip in 2016 and were very happy. You can see all of the reasons on the post above, but here’s a quick summary:

  • They are very responsive. Send them an e-mail, and you’ll get a response. This sounds simple, but it’s far from common. I hadn’t seen this until recently, but Facebook sort of verifies this: Their Facebook page says that Blue “typically replies within minutes.”

  • They build in a lot of insurance for no extra cost. Rental car insurance in Iceland is confusing, and it’s nice to know Gravel Insurance and a low liability limit are included.
  • They rent new cars. When I rent a car in the United States, it’s almost a given that it will be less than 2 or 3 years old. That’s not true in Iceland, but Blue tells you the model years of the car you’re looking at. And nearly all of the cars are model year 2016 or 2017.

So, we’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Blue to offer you a 5% discount on your rental with Blue.  And, as of August 2017, the discount is now incredibly easy to use!

Simply book your car on Blue’s web site, and enter the code #IWKCOUPON into the coupon code field on the Personal Information page. Make sure you enter the code exactly that way: #IWKCOUPON with the hashtag at the beginning, and using all capital letters. You should see the discount applied immediately:


And that’s it- continue to the payment page and you’re all set! Let us know how it goes, or if you have any questions. Thanks!

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