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Thursday, July 28 update: Icelandic Sagas– The Greatest Hits in 75 minutes

[Note: It looks like I forgot to post this! And I lost most of the pictures. Ignore all of that– it’s a good show!]

Icelandic Sagas– The Greatest Hits in 75 minutes is inappropriate for children. And my children really enjoyed it.

Here are the most important things to know:

  • The show is in Harpa. Everything in Harpa is free for kids 12 and under. Therefore, this show is free for kids 12 and under! More on this in a minute.
  • The stage is just a long “runway”, as you can see below. There are two rows of seats on each side. So you can have front row seats, if you want them. All seats are general admission.
  • Everyone needs a ticket, regardless of age. I think there were a few seats left for our show, but I can imagine the show might sell out.



  • You are encouraged to take pictures during the show. Sadly, my phone ate all of the photos I took, except for the one at the top of the post. And, I didn’t take my good camera, because I assumed pictures wouldn’t be allowed. Sorry.
  • There seems to be no mechanism for getting a free child ticket on Harpa’s web site for the show. So I think you need to buy them from the Harpa box office. That’s what we did, and it was no problem. Though you do run the risk of the show selling out, so maybe show up 30 minutes early? Then spend some time checking out the cool interior of Harpa:

harpa sitting places

harpa outside

(See my clever use of old photos to cover up the fact that my camera ate my photos from the show?)

On to the show:

  • You get two energetic performers acting out the Sagas with a clever, witty, funny, high-energy script.
  • Audience participation is frequent. Your kids will probably get a job to do; I was onstage for maybe 4 minutes. (I played Donald Trump; it’s complicated.)
  • The show is funny throughout, and inappropriate in several places. One involves Njal’s Saga and the story of Hrut and his wife Unn who complained about … well, if you’re curious, you’ll need to read footnote 51 on this Wikipedia page. And ponder the presence of a balloon animal balloon as a prop.

But it’s a funny and well-crafted show. Take the kids! Just remember that balloon.

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