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Wednesday, July 20 update, Part 1: CityWalk Reykjavik

We started our day with a morning (10 AM) walking tour of Reykjavik. CityWalk is the top rated tour on Tripadvisor. Or at least it is right now:


There are other walking tours of the city. Some, like CityWalk, are “free”, and operate on tips– you pay whatever you want to pay at the end of the tour. Free Walking Tour also runs on tips, whereas I Heart Reykjavik runs a traditional paid walking tour. That tour has a maximum of 12 people, and frequently sells out; the small group would make for a very different experience.

Our tour had 30-40 people on it; note that CityWalk asks you to register in advance for the tour, even though you don’t have to pay up front. We met in Austurvöllur Park, right outside of the Alþingi Parliament building:


The tour covers a lot of culture and history; I had no idea we were standing on an old cemetery in the heart of downtown!

citywalk cemetery who knew

We walked though old neighborhoods in Reykjavik, Arnarhóll (the big sloping park with a Viking Statue), Tjörnin Pond and City Hall, some shopping streets, and more.

hallgrims church in the distance

We would stop in various places for 5-15 minutes to learn about history, Viking stories, or even the educational system in Iceland. The kids would have rather kept walking for some of the stops, but overall they mostly stayed interested. And at the end, we got to sample some Icelandic licorice.

Overall the tour seems like a reasonable way to get your bearings in Reykjavik. But remember that it’s not really free, although you could certainly choose not to pay. (This is one of the few times when you will need to have some cash on hand, though they will also take US Dollars.) I don’t really know what a fair price is; I tried to estimate what made sense based on the number of people on the tour.

I’m thinking something like 1500-2000 krona for adults, and 1000 for kids? That would cost 5000 or 6000 total for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids, or about $45 for a 2 hour tour. The I Heart Reykjavik tour would cost you 3 times that much, though there would also be a third as many people. You can also decide how much to pay at the end based on how much you enjoyed it! Or how much licorice you ate.

In the afternoon, we headed to Omnom Chocolate! Check out our post about the Omnom Chocolate Factory Tour.

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