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Monday, July 4 update: Reykjavik Park and Zoo

We spent today at the Family Park and Zoo. Now, this place won’t compete against some of the large and impressive zoos you may have visited in the United States or elsewhere. But the price doesn’t compete either:

Adults (anyone 13+): 840 krona, or about $6.80
Kids 5-12: 640 krona, or about $5
Kids under 5: 0 krona, or $0.

So a family of 4 with 2 kids who are, say, 8 and 10, can get into both the zoo and the park for under $25 total.

Let’s start with the zoo. The highlight is the seals, who have a large pool an enclosure right in the middle of the zoo area:

zoo seals

But you can also see reindeer, sheep, cows, horses, snakes, turtles, chickens, pigs, and more.

zoo horses

At the back of the zoo part, before you cross a bridge to the family park, is a cafeteria. Here they serve basic but reasonably priced zoo food. Examples:

Ham and cheese sandwich: 500 krona, or about $4
Ciabatta roll with brie and vegetables: 700, or just under $6
Waffle with jelly and whipped cream: 450, or just under $4 (and pictured below!)

zoo waffles

On this sunny and warm day in June, there was a 10 or so minute line to order some of the time, so you may want to check back once in a while to find a good time to eat. (Earlier is usually better.)

Past the cafeteria was the bridge to the family park. There are many activities here that don’t cost anything extra, including a water play area, a cool boat / bridge over the water, a zip line and a viking ship:

zoo pirate ship

zoo swinging thing

This swinging tire thing is also free. But behind it, you can see a pirate ship ride, which requires the purchase of extra tickets. You can buy these when you first pay for admission, or you can also purchase them at the snack bar in the family park area. A pack of 10 tickets will cost 2,500 krona, which works out to about $2 a ticket. Most rides are 1 or 2 tickets. Given that there are so many free options, I’m not sure it is worth it to pay $4 for a ride, though they certainly look exciting.

There seemed to be a good mix of locals and tourists there. And while this may not be on your list of “must-see” attractions in Iceland, the zoo is a nice place to spend an afternoon.

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