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Thursday, June 23 update: Hafnarfjörður

We’ve taken some time to relax the last few days in Hafnarfjörður, a town about 20 minutes outside of Reykjavik. We spent some time shopping in Kringlan, the largest mall in Reykjavik. It turns out that designation is a bit of a technicality, since Kringlan is 7 minutes away from the larger Smáralind, which is the largest mall in Iceland. Apparently, Smáralind is just outside of Reykjavik?

Kringlan mall

We’ve also walked around the fields of lupines, which are everywhere:


Then it was time to explore the town of Hafnarfjörður. We first drove past the downtown area to the sculpture park Víðistaðatún, which boasts 16 sculptures from artists from 7 different countries.

telephone sculpture

The park also had nice walking trails through lava fields, and so it was a nice combination of hiking and art.

lots of sculptures

Then it was on to some of the museums in town. The main draw of the museums in Hafnarfjörður is that they are all completely free. Here are two that are right next to each other:

two museums

Pakkhúsið is on the left; it’s a museum about the town of Hafnarfjörður. On the right is The Sívertsen´s House, which is the oldest house in town, formerly owned by a wealthy fishing merchant. Here is the list of all of these free museums in town. And here are some views of Pakkhúsið:

hafnarf theater

army men

These museums are very nice, though they may not be worth a trip to Hafnarfjörður on their own merits. But we’ll have more updates from town in tomorrow’s update, including a lunch stop that we highly recommend! That makes a half-day trip to Hafnarfjörður more appealing. Especially since the museums are free!

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