Iceland with Parents


Hi! I’m Blaer. I’m the oldest sister (14) and I’ll be posting about the Icelandic language, as well as managing some social media accounts. Here’s a little factoid to get you started:

In Iceland, many last names will be in the form [name]sson or [name]sdóttir. As you may have guessed, “son” and “dóttir” mean “son” and “daughter.” (Almost) everyone’s last name is based off of their father’s. Imagine you have a father named Erik. Then your last name will either be Eriksson or Eriksdóttir, depending on your gender. (Some celebrities in Iceland have a family name which is inherited, but the norm is these kinds of names, called “patronymics.”) If my family had been Icelandic, I would be Blaer Ericsdóttir. What’s your Icelandic name?

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